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The higher you are, the higher the risk. Never turn around or you will regret. The stairs may end, or may not end, but it doesn't matter as you'll not reach the end. That was some top quality poetry.

This is a short game based on a dream I once had, was a pretty terrifying experience, I hope this does replicate that experience for people playing this game.



  • WASD - Walk
  • MOUSE - Look
  • LMB / E - Use
  • ESCAPE - Menu


  • LEFT THUMB - Walk
  • RIGHT THUMB - Look
  • START - Menu


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Upstairs 64bit 85 MB
Upstairs 32bit 64 MB

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Played this game in a 3 horror games video for October/Halloween and the ending was quick and confusing but there is good atmosphere.

Great pacing and very unexpected ending! (playthrough in polish language)

Hi! I really enjoyed this game thoroughly when I was recording it. Gave me chills and thrills. I felt like I was being watched or followed. 

Really had that horror vibe down-pat! Haven’t felt scared playing a horror game in a while.

Nicely done!

 It was a good short game and I enjoyed it

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Not so much a game as it is a short horror experience. It's a straight walking simulator that ends with some spookiness. That's not to say it's a bad experience, it was enjoyable! But there's not much gameplay other than walking. Again, I still enjoyed my time playing it! 

Here's my playthrough:

I played your game. It was a good short game and I enjoyed it. (I played 2 games in my video, yours is second at 4:28)

Gave it a go...

Great game for being so short! Tbh probably should have recorded it haha

Fun little game...

Link to my channel (opens in new tab youtube.com/jonathick

Cool idea! Always dig these games based on dreams or nightmares! Upstairs starts at 2:22!

Well, I've tried it, it was really short, but it didn't work on me, guess I have no fears related to "endless" stairs.  Well, I even hesitated going down, but as it was "Upstairs" I went up :p

Upstairs start at 4:00


yo, i had a dream just like this when i was a kid, but for some reason i was being chased by a blue elephant with a top hat... i had weird dreams...

wow I wish I had dreams like this, sounds really fun :) 

It is really short but it is really scary! The first time I played it. I was screamed. Overall it is fun to play. 


Awesome game but you can't escape him :)