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Love the game. Keep making more.

I played this game on my latest 3 free horror games video and it was by far the best I played and had the most fun with!!!!!

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I played yer game in my latest Horror Games vid! It was definitely my favourite out of the bunch, I liked it so much that I did my best to beat it and succeded! Hope ye enjoy!

Skip to 6:35 for the part where yer game is featured:

Spooky little game. Had a lot of fun with this.

It is very original, good little game!


Quick play Game!! If you guys want to check out and play you can!! Check out my full review if you like then subscribe!! 

Actually managed to beat this after a couple of attempts, not a bad little game.

I keep walking in circles!! :O

Loved the game! I had a blast. 

I think the game has ups and downs. First off i'd say the bear traps hidden in the field is a nice tough. It's a neat idea you can't see where they are at and, trying to get away from mr.twigs. There are some things that bother me and maybe in future games will be improved on. Mr.twigs isn't scary like at all. He is literally like his name suggests a pair of twigs. This is till fine in well even though I was hoping he would be scary. His jumpscare is  the most lame of all. He just appears no sound effect or scary music really he just appears. It's way too hard of a game you stand still he gets you, run away gets you, maybe have a mechanic that would hinder or, help you beat mr.twigs would be great. Overall it's a decent game and, I wish you success on future projects.

Fun little game !

I couldnt even figure out how to win the game so I tacked another game on after it I did give it a shot though so heres that

It seems like to be a great game.

I liked it. Good atmosphere and the like. Very creepy. 

Really creepy game even though it was pretty simple! Well done with the atmosphere. 

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

I love the update to this game! Such a creepy atmosphere and that stalker of a scarecrow!


Enjoyed it as part of my 3 random horror games. It's a simple concept but works.

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Hey Majik, let me start by saying that I like the concept of this game. Being chased around by a pile of twigs in a cornfield is definitely interesting! Another breath of fresh air from all of the haunted house horror games lately. However, this game does suffer from Slenderman syndrome.  Basically, you're chased around by this stalker, and you have to activate 3 alters. 

I had fun playing the game, it is very simple with its minimalistic design. I didn't beat the game because I was too dumb to figure out the secret. You need to [spoilers] Mr. Twigs to stop him from killing you. I believe there is a tip in the game that says to do the opposite; I fell for it...  [EDIT] ~ I misread the tip after dying. I called the game bad at the end of the video, and now I feel bad for doing so. I like the game now! Buuuut the settings do need to be fixed.

Here is a video that documents my stupidity, the commentary is a little experimental..

Follow me here on to stay updated! -

I was kinda disappointed by the ending, however, I had a good time playing! Hope to see more from you soon!

I took good time playing this game, a masterpiece thank you, this gameplay is in french you have subtitles.

J'ai pris du bon temps à jouer à ce jeu, un chef d'oeuvre merci, ce gameplay est en français vous avez des sous-titres


I played your game in an indie romp. perfect level fro the draw distance. not sure if i was on an old version or just avoided all of the bear traps haha. Mr twigs is effective but i feel too frequent. With how much field there is you could likely lower his warping rate to retain his fear levels. maybe add an option to steal his hat ((because i really wanted it is my only excuse)) and doing so makes him much more aggressive. like he'll warp right in your face perhaps. A small variety to how he appears would be cool also. for example, maybe you only see his hat at one point drawing you to it setting up the scare.

Your game starts at 11:12

Very simplistic and fun! You should add more to the mechanics, map design, etc. 


this game is boring 

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Well this kind of game isn't for everyone then, I guess? Just saying it would be more helpful for a developer to know why a game is boring than just its boring. As of now, your statement doesn't help with anything. 


i found it to easy to complete and i had it finished in a couple minutes. it would be nice if Mr Twigs was more of a surprise and not around you at all times. Maybe some taller grass and less visibility like being in dark would be a bit scarier. or more of an objective other than jut 3 things. 


It's a neat game, similar to the puppet master from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion or Slender where you have to look at the enemy, it coul be added on from what it is now, this was the second game I played in this video.

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Thanks for playing, was pretty entertaining to watch, although I'm a bit bummed that this is not the latest version of the game where you have a hat :p I was just a bit too late to update the game x)


I played prior to the Mr Twigs rebranding but I really liked the gameplay. It's a simple design and simple gameplay which can get challenging if you allow the scarecrow to get in your head. The sound design is great with the random ambient noises, and the only thing I could see adding to it would be more randomization in the glyth locations. I'd recommend this for anyone looking for a few minutes of enjoyment for free.

Nice, thanks for playing, keep up great videos, I wish you success!


So, first off, very creepy. Great atmosphere.  Secondly, I hate the Baldi's / Slender genre and can officialy say: THIS is the first one I have actually liked. I had so much fun playing through. Thanks for the game dev.

Thanks for playing! And also thanks for the nice review :p

No problem. You should be really proud in what you've made. Def keeping an eye on future games you make!


Creepy game. 

A big improvement from the last time, isn't it? And yeah, this is a bigger, better and stronger sequel to 'Scarecrows' x)


Well this guy didn't like me on his corn 

Great video! Thanks for playing my game, something about watching people playing your game gives a nice feeling. :)


I really enjoyed this game and got a few scares :) I have one question, is it possible to beat the scarecrow? I tried for ages and couldn't get past the first altar but loved the challenge! Great job majik 5 stars!!!

Yes it is, it just gets gradually harder with every altar and at 2 out of 3 he moves 3 times faster than at start and kills you 3 times faster too

Why did you uploaded the same game twice?

It's not the same, this was just meant to be better and more interesting than the previous one, because I really liked the idea of a scarecrow


SKIP TO 11:13!!!

Thanks for playing and making a video! Although I would recommend changing the link in description to the current one, because I recently changed it for... reasons.


Was really a great game, did scare me at first when I didn't know what was going on!


 this was an awesome game! :D super creepy vibes! thankyou for adding it back :D thought it was gone for good lol :) keep up the great work! :D 

I didn't know I could get startled by a simplistic scarecrow....but this game made me feel uneasy.  It was very simple and there was not much direction BUT I liked it.  I proceeded to play more of it once I finished my video! Great job!


Well... What to say about this game... The first think was that we just jumped straight into the game without warning and then proceed to get scared of a scarecrow that is nothing but sticks and a top hat. After the first playthough of the game, you start to not gety scared anymore and even if the playthrough is short I.E you purposely get caught, the tension of the game quickly disappears because nothing happens. I did give you some more feedback in my video and I did look at ways to improve your game without sacraficing too much. I hope you enjoy 

Thanks! I will watch the video later today, and I am working on an update to make it more spooky and tense, with also adding a new game mechanic. 

Coming soon™ :) 


Real fun short indie horror and Great seeing a scarecrow being used I thought his AI was realy cool he brung quite the challenge


Was entertaining to watch, thanks for making the video about my game, really appreciated. :D


Thanks for watching it means alot I also love that you changed the name to mr twigs haha

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